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     Folly Beach Golf Carts offers golf carts for rent to vacationers and tourists in Folly Beach, South Carolina.

      When you'd like a cart to ride around with your family and loved ones, we can get you all set up. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality golf carts for rental. Enjoy Folly Beach as it was meant to be enjoyed, on a cart!


All our golf carts are well maintained, charged and full of fuel, so that you can have a wonderful experience on Folly Beach. We maintain our carts to provide you with the best experience possible. If you find that you do not like one of our carts for any reason, we will either issue you another or refund your money. We strive to be fair above all else, and your enjoyment during your stay means more than anything else. One advantage of Folly Beach Golf Carts is that we are locally owned and operated and have been in business longer than all of our competitors combined. Never taking the customer for granted is our motto.

Our range of carts

Folly Beach Golf Carts now offers street legal vehicles which enables you to enjoy Folly Beach after sunset, so you can enjoy dinner without having to rush back before sunset. We have new ICON and USEV carts in 4 man and 6 man varieties to accommodate the needs of various group types.

  • Four-person

  • Six-person

  • Eight-person

With our rentals being continually updated, we may not have available stock for rentals. We strive to be be of service but we only have so many.  Check our calendar for availability. Experience Folly Beach in a new way.

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Folly Beach Golf Carts

Laura M.

Aurora, IL

We rented a house in Folly Beach and decided that a golf chart would be helpful to see the whole island. Folly Beach Golf Rental was very friendly and good to rent from. I would recommend this place to anyone!